Wait, what?

Courtesy of the BBC:

At several points during the interview, Mr Trump asked to speak off-the-record, including in the moments after showing the Time reporters a letter he said was from the leader of North Korea.

“Here’s a letter, OK, now I’m going to show you this letter,” said the Republican president.

“So this was written by Kim Jong-un. It was delivered to me yesterday. By hand.”

As the conversation turned to his potential Democratic challengers in next year’s election, White House press secretary Sarah Sanders told the journalists: “You can’t take a picture of that, sorry.”

“What was that?!” Mr Trump exclaims.


The reporter reminds Mr Trump that some of his aides had “testified under oath, under threat of prison time” that the president had tried to influence the investigation by special counsel Robert Mueller.

Mr Trump snaps back: “Excuse me… Well, you can go to prison instead, because if you use, if you use the photograph you took of the letter that I gave you confidentially.

“I didn’t give it to you to take photographs of it – So don’t play that game with me.”

The journalist from Time responds: “I’m sorry, Mr President. Were you threatening me with prison time?”

Mr Trump replies: “Well, I told you the following. I told you you can look at this off the record. That doesn’t mean you take out your camera and start taking pictures of it. OK?

“So I hope you don’t have a picture of it.

“I know you were very quick to pull it out – even you were surprised to see that.

“You can’t do that stuff. So go have fun with your story. Because I’m sure it will be the 28th horrible story I have in Time magazine.”

I think Trump needs to have somebody read him the 1st Amendment again.

If a government official talks to a reporter off the record and that reporter writes about it anyway, that only means they have lost the government official as a source and likely damaged their journalistic credibility moving forward, but it does not mean they are going to jail.

And Trump cannot claim it was top secret because he showed it to a room full of reporters. 

Once again somebody needs to remind Tangerine Hitler that he is only the president of the United States, not Emporer of the World.