Trump team prepares for release of Mueller report likely this month, and worries about Donald Trump Jr..

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I think Don Jr. might be the first of the Trump’s to face possible incarceration, but likely will not be the last.

Courtesy of Vanity Fair:

The bigger threat for Trump than losing control of Congress is Robert Mueller’s looming report. Sources say Trump advisers are girding themselves for Mueller to deliver the results of his investigation to the Justice Department as early as Wednesday, although it’s more likely he’ll wait till later this month. Sources say besides the president, the ones with the most exposure are Roger Stone and Donald Trump Jr. “I’m very worried about Don Jr.,” said another former West Wing official who testified before the Senate Intelligence Committee. The possible exposure would be that Mueller would demonstrate that Don Jr. perjured himself to investigators when he said he didn’t tell his father beforehand about the June 2016 Trump Tower meeting to gather “dirt” on Hillary Clinton. (Donald Trump Jr.’s lawyer, Alan Futerfas, declined to comment.)

One potential sign of how seriously Trumpworld is treating the Mueller threat has been the near total silence of Rudy Giuliani. A constant presence on cable news over the summer, Giuliani hasn’t been on television in weeks. “What the hell happened to Rudy?” a former White House official said when I asked about Giuliani’s whereabouts. According to three sources briefed on Trump’s legal team, Giuliani has been in Europe visiting consulting clients as well as preparing a report with Trump lawyers Marty and Jane Raskin that is designed to provide a counter-narrative to Mueller’s document. “They don’t know what Mueller has but they have a good idea and they’re going to rebut it,” one Republican close to Giuliani said. But another source said Trump instructed Giuliani to stay off television to avoid hurting Trump’s midterm message. “Trump’s thinking is, ‘I gave you a lot of rope and now you got a lot of rope marks around your neck,’” the source said. (The White House did not respond to a request for comment.)

So essentially the strategy is to try and refute a report that they have not yet read, while also preparing to replace Jeff Sessions and put in their own guy in order to undermine or sabotage the investigation itself. 

Of course, if today plays out the way that we predict, Trump will have to do all of this before the Democrats take control of the Congress.

These next few months are likely to be filled with high political drama.

It could make House of Cards look like a silly daytime soap opera by comparison. 

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  1. Anonymous November 6, 2018 at 1:59 pm

    If Dumb and Dumber get indicted, Daddy T will be the third Stooge.

  2. Anonymous November 6, 2018 at 2:06 pm

    I read that Giuliani is also involved in a money laundering scheme that used banks in the Netherlands, maybe that is why he has disappeared.

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