Courtesy of The Friendly Atheist

During a conversation about that poll this morning on FOX & Friends, Trump-worshiping Pastor Robert Jeffress blamed the decline on “secularists” who push the idea that we can be good without God.

“… you know, every civilization is only one generation away from barbarianism. If we fail to pass our faith and values onto our children and children’s children, it leads to a moral unraveling of society, and that’s what we see happening right now.”

“You know, about 60 years ago, secularists started telling us that, as a nation, we could be good without God. And so we tried to pass along values without the undergirding spiritual foundation for that, and it’s been a complete wreck.”

“You know, somebody said socialism works until you run out of other people’s money. Well, secularism works until you run out of other people’s faith, and, as a nation, we can’t live on the faith of three generations ago. We have to embrace faith and pass it on to our children.”

This is such a bullshit argument. 

The idea that we cannot be moral or ethical without the fear of God to keep us in line is an argument made by psychopath. 

And the idea that this asshole wrote a book to frighten children into believing in heaven and hell makes him guilty of child abuse. 

Here is the bottom line folks. 

Gods and religions was made up by mankind.

Therefore the rules and guidelines promoted by those religions in the name of their manufactured gods are also created by mankind. 

So can we “be good without God?” 

Of course we can because we invented the guidelines without a god in the first place and then invented him (or them) to add the kind of crediblity that primitive folks seemed to need in order to take them seriously. 

I know this might really bother some of you and you will have trouble accepting it as truth. 

But all you have to do is to realize that this what you think about every religion and god that is not your own, and then just apply it to the one you have been raised to never question, and there you are.