Courtesy of Newsweek:

Protesters carrying Trump flags picketed Attorney General William Barr’s home on Saturday because they believe he isn’t doing enough to bring former Vice President Joe Biden to justice.

President Donald Trump has referred to Biden as a criminal and said he and his son, Hunter Biden, are part of an “organized crime family.” This is due in part to unsubstantiated allegations about the Bidens’ business dealings with foreign countries

Other photos showed the group of men, some with Trump flags and others with t-shirts saying “Crooked Hillary,” a reference to the president’s attacks on former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

The group also carried signs saying “Equal justice is coming” and “Biden lies matter”, as well as a Bible quote from the Book of Proverbs: “They that forsake the law praise the wicked.”

Just in case Bill Barr is still confused about what constitutes a witch hunt, well now he knows. 

You have to wonder at this point if there are any Trump supporters who are NOT unhinged?