A lesson for Democrats that these people will always resort to dirty tricks. 

Courtesy of Bloomberg:

Supporters of President Donald Trump flooded a hotline used by Iowa precinct chairs to report Democratic caucus results after the telephone number was posted online, worsening delays in the statewide tally, a top state Democrat told party leaders on a conference call Wednesday night.

According to two participants on the call, Ken Sagar, a state Democratic central committee member, was among those answering the hotline on caucus night and said people called in and expressed support for Trump. The phone number became public after people posted photos of caucus paperwork that included the hotline number, one of the people on the call said.

The phone call Wednesday night between the Iowa Democratic Party staff and state central committee, the party’s elected governing body, came as the party was still counting results.

Several glitches, including problems with a new phone application that was supposed to quickly send individual caucus results to the state party, plagued Iowa’s troubled caucuses, causing the outcome to be delayed for days. More than 48 hours after caucusing began, the party had reported results from 96% of precincts and the race was too close to call.

NBC News is reporting that the phone callse were the result of a coordinated effort:

Users on a politics-focused section of the fringe 4chan message board repeatedly posted the phone number for the Iowa Democratic Party, which was found by a simple Google search, both as screenshots and in plain text, alongside instructions.

“They have to call in the results now. Very long hold times being reported. Phone line being clogged,” one user posted at about 11 p.m. ET on Monday, three hours after the caucuses began.

“Uh oh how unfortunate it would be for a bunch of mischief makers to start clogging the lines,” responded another anonymous user, sarcastically.

Some users chimed in, posting alleged wait times on hold, imploring others to “clog the lines [and] make the call lads.”

When Hillary Clinton called these people “deplorables” she did not know the half of it. 

In the years since Trump took office the nastiness among those on the far Right has only grown more intense, and now they are channeling their leader in rejecting any societal norms or ethical behaviors, it is now all about winning at any cost. 

When I was growing up the saying was “winners never cheat, and cheaters never win,” but Trump folks don’t see any way to win without cheating so they have made that part of their plan to help reelect their cult leader. 

These are the people who challenge you to a fight and then secretly pull out a pair of brass knuckles to give them the edge.

They deflate tires in a bike race, tie your shoelaces together before a foot race, and try to steal your girl by lying about your behavior behind your back. 

Simply put they are scum, and they will stop at nothing, including volence, to hold onto power. 

Knowing that will help us to fight back more effectively.

Failing to understand that means we have already lost.