It’s probably wrong to support this, but I kind of do.

Courtesy of ABC News

President Donald Trump’s re-election effort is set to resume in-person campaigning next week for the first time since the coronavirus pandemic sidelined their massive ground game operation nearly three months ago, multiple sources with direct knowledge of the efforts tell ABC News.

Trump Victory, the joint effort between the Trump campaign and Republican National Committee, will flip the switch next week for its “summer kick off,” sending volunteers and staffers back on the ground for door knocking, in-person training sessions, and voter registrations, multiple sources tell ABC News.

The return of on-the-ground campaigning, which the president’s team had made a core strategy of his re-election effort investing millions in recruiting and training over a million volunteers nation-wide, marks the latest move the president’s team has made toward returning to traditional campaigning amid a pandemic that halted efforts months back.

State teams across the country had been informed weeks ago to develop their own plans to return to in-person campaigning, with June being eyed as the return timeframe since early May, sources familiar tell ABC News.

“Starting next week, Trump Victory field teams will resume in person volunteer activities and campaigning where states allow. Just as Trump Victory was able to transition to virtual campaigning in less than 24 hours, our teams across the country will seamlessly adapt again just as efficiently,” RNC National Press Secretary Mandi Merritt said in a statement to ABC News.

They should just call this the “Coronavirus Tour.” 

I swear by the time we get to November there will not be an uninfected Trump supporter in the country. 

If it were not for all of the innocent, non-Trump supporting, people they might accidentally expose I think I would be cheerleading this from the sidelines.