This is exactly the kind of constitutional crisis that the right-wing has been warning us about for decades, and yet they say nothing.

Courtesy of Mediaite

News broke Wednesday night that the two Republican officials on Michigan’s Wayne County Board of Canvassers wanted to “rescind” their vote to certify the 2020 election results in their county.

The two officials, Monica Palmer and William Hartmann, first voted against certifying the results despite no evidence of election fraud — deadlocking the county board in a 2 – 2 tie. The two then backtracked on their vote from just one day earlier and finally on Wednesday flipped once again to “remain opposed to certification.”

On Thursday morning, the Associated Press reported that the two officials received a call from President Donald Trump himself before they attempted to “rescind” their vote.

Trump allegedly reached out to Palmer and Hartmann on Tuesday — thanking them for their support after they switched their vote for the first time. On Wednesday, following the call, the two canvassers signed affidavits that clarified they no longer wanted to certify the county vote.

Trump’s Michigan stunt is one of many attempts to invalidate the election.

The president, who still refuses to concede, has made several hail-mary attempts at stealing the election from Joe Biden — requesting recounts in two Wisconsin counties and a by hand audit in Georgia despite no evidence of voter fraud in either state.

Trump allies have also filed lawsuits to stop the certification of Biden’s victory in Michigan and Nevada, while the president’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani has argued to stop vote certification in Pennsylvania.

Similarly, the Arizona Republican Party requested that a judge stop Maricopa County from certifying the results until a decision is made regarding the party’s lawsuit, which seeks a ballot recount.

Here is more courtesy of the Daily Mail:

Yet another filing clarifies what the Trump campaign is seeking: ‘Ultimately, Plaintiffs will seek the remedy of Trump being declared the winner of the legal votes cast in Pennsylvania in the 2020 General Election, and, thus, the recipient of Pennsylvania’s electors,’ lawyers write in a motion for leave to file their second amended complaint.

The filings state information and belief that ‘a substantial portion of the approximately 1.5 million absentee and mail votes in Defendant Counties should not have been counted, and the vast majority favored Biden, thus resulting in returns indicating Biden won Pennsylvania.’

I want so much to simply say that none of this will matter and that Biden will definitely be sworn in as our 46th President in January, but this really has me worried. 

I mean we have always bragged that our Democratic system was designed to prevent a power grab and would keep dictators and demagogue’s at bay, but this is really the first time that it has been put to the test, and I am not sure it has all of the protections that we hoped it had. 

What I will tell you is that every member of the Republican party who remains silent during this has revealed themselves as a traitor and should be treated as such.