Trump responded to this with this retweet:

Courtesy of HuffPo:

In Page’s first appearance (check out the video at the top) she discussed the GOP reaction to the Trump administration’s approach to protests over the brutal police killing of George Floyd during an arrest. She was supportive of Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) for sharing her concerns about Trump, and noted that it “isn’t easy to be courageous.” But Page said she was hopeful that “courage begets courage” and that more people, like former Defense Secretary Jim Mattis, would speak out against the Trump administration.

Trump has long reveled in bashing Page and her former colleague, ex-FBI agent Peter Strzok, who disparaged Trump in messages to each other while they were investigating his campaign’s possible collusion with the Kremlin in a bid to sway the 2016 presidential election to Trump.

A report by the Justice Department’s inspector general issued late last year concluded that Page and Strzok’s personal opinions about Trump did not impact the investigation, further making a lie of Trump’s claim that the probe against him was concocted by haters.

Despite the findings by the DOJ inspector General Trump has continued to claim that Lisa Page and Peter Strzok conspired against him and used the Russia probe to undermine his campaign.

Which kind of make me think that MSNBC hired Page simply to troll Donald Trump. 

I mean I am sure she has legal expertise that she can bring to the table, but it is likely nowhere near as impactful as the consternation her appearances will cause Trump. 

I, for one, support this decision 100%.