Trump also said this:

Courtesy of NYT:

This is misleading. Mr. Trump was most likely referring to — and distorting — comments President Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine made in an interview with Time magazine and other publications published early Monday morning. Nowhere in the interview did Mr. Zelensky say that his American counterpart did “nothing wrong.” In fact, he criticized Mr. Trump’s comments about corruption in Ukraine and his decision to suspend military aid to Kyiv.

Though he said there had been no discussion of a quid pro quo in their conversations, Mr. Zelensky questioned the United States’ decision to freeze the aid, which he said was a matter of “fairness.”

“Look, I never talked to the president from the position of a quid pro quo. That’s not my thing,” Mr. Zelensky said. “I don’t want us to look like beggars. But you have to understand: We’re at war. If you’re our strategic partner, then you can’t go blocking anything for us. I think that’s just about fairness. It’s not about a quid pro quo. It just goes without saying.”

Mr. Zelensky also pushed back on Mr. Trump’s repeated characterization of Ukraine as hopelessly corrupt, noting that such a narrative undermines international support for the country.

“When America says, for instance, that Ukraine is a corrupt country, that is the hardest of signals,” Mr. Zelensky said. “Everyone hears that signal. Investments, banks, stakeholders, companies, American, European, companies that have international capital in Ukraine — it’s a signal to them that says, ‘Be careful, don’t invest.’ Or, ‘Get out of there.’ This is a hard signal.”

So no, President Zelenski did not let Trump off the hook, and no this case is certainly far from over.

But hey dipshit, nice try!