Look who’s talking.

Courtesy of The Hill:

President Trump on Monday dismissed a Democratic push for billions in U.S. Postal Service (USPS) funding as a “con game” and shrugged off concerns from lawmakers that he is undermining the agency ahead of November’s election.

“I’m just making it good,” Trump said when asked on “Fox & Friends” about claims that he is “sabotaging” the postal service.

Trump complained that the agency has lost tens of billions of dollars over the last several years, though it is a government-funded service that is not necessarily designed to make a profit.

“We’re making it so it is going to be good, and we’re going to take care of our postal workers above all,” Trump said. “We’re not firing people, but the way they ran that thing for many years, this isn’t a Trump thing. … This has been one of the disasters of the world, the way it’s been run.”

“It’s been run horribly. And we’re going to make it good,” he continued. “Now what am I supposed to do? Let it continue to run badly? So if you fix it, they say ‘oh he’s tampering with the election.’ No, we’re not tampering.”

So to date, Trump has made the mail service “good” by removing mailboxes making it harder to send the mail, removed mail sorters so it is harder to sort the mail, and caused delays up to 15 days or more so that you can no longer rely on the mail. 

Does Donald Trump not realize that the American people actually know what the word “good” means?

And no matter how you look at it this ain’t it.