I swear Trump is getting more blatant every day. 

Courtesy of Politico

The White House is taking advantage of a loophole to install loyalists to President Donald Trump in acting senior roles at the Pentagon, effectively skirting the Senate confirmation process.

While the number of vacancies isn’t new — one-third of the Defense Department’s 60 Senate-confirmed positions are filled on a temporary basis — the White House in recent months has been sending over people to fill open spots, as opposed to the more traditional method of tapping people within the Pentagon.

The White House on Monday announced that it was assigning Michael Kratsios, a 33-year-old White House chief technology officer, as the head of research and engineering for the entire DoD. Kratsios, who has a bachelor’s degree in political science, is replacing Michael Griffin, a former NASA administrator with a Ph.D. in aerospace engineering.

The administration has also discussed installing Anthony Tata, the controversial Fox News regular who has been nominated to be the Pentagon’s top policy official, in a different senior DoD role on an acting basis, according to an official familiar with the discussions. The move would head off what is expected to be a bruising confirmation hearing focused on now-deleted Islamophobic tweets.

Experts and Democratic lawmakers alike decried the campaign to root out those seen as disloyal and replace them with Trump acolytes, some of whom are underqualified. They worry that a climate that values loyalty over expertise scares away the best prospects and injects politics into an organization that tries to operate above partisanship.

Lindsay Cohn, an associate professor at the Naval War College specializing in civil-military relations, who spoke in a personal capacity, expressed concern that “the criterion that seems to be getting these particular young, inexperienced people in is personal loyalty to the president.”

“This can actually undermine the entire idea of a meritocratic democracy because it creates power with connection with the patron as opposed to power within the structure of the system,” she said.

Clearly there is much about this that is concerning.

However, what bothers me most right now, is the question of why he is doing this with less than four months before the election?

I mean if he wins then he has plenty of time to get his people through the Senate confirmation process, and if he loses why does it even matter?

It sort of lends credence to the idea that Trump has no intention of leaving office if he is defeated by Joe Biden. 

After all, the Pentagon essentially controls the military and if Trump controls the Pentagon….well you can see where I am going with this. 

I am beginning to feel a whole new level of stress.