Just another reminder that pandemics do not stop criminals from acting criminally. 

Courtesy of Newsweek:

The Trump administration has reportedly signed its biggest border wall contract yet, awarding a North Dakota construction firm a nearly $1.3 billion deal to put up fencing in Arizona.

Fisher Sand and Gravel, the construction firm awarded the contract, is expected to see 42 miles of black-painted fencing erected across the mountainous terrain of southern Arizona, according to The Washington Post.

Given the deal’s $1.28 billion price tag, that works out to a cost of more than $30 million per mile.

Previously, Fisher Sand and Gravel had been passed over for other border wall construction projects.

However, the North Dakota firm reportedly gained President Donald Trump’s support in White House meetings after Tommy Fisher, the company’s CEO, praised the president on cable news and made donations to Trump’s GOP allies

The company’s only other major border contract, a $400 million deal to build 31 miles of border wall across the Cabeza Prieta National Wildlife Refuge southwest of Tucson, is currently under review by the Defense Department inspector general after Democratic Congress members expressed concerns over the White House’s influence on the contracting process.

This is, of course, yet another example of Trump handing out taxpayer money to the people who kiss his ass.

And the very fact that we are in the middle of a health care crisis, and that millions of Americans need financial help from the government to survive, makes this even more egregious. 

30 million per mile, how many families could be fed for months on that kind of money? 

How many small businesses could be saved, or testing kits produced for that kind of money?

It just makes you want to tear your hair out.