Al Sharpton hates “Whites & Cops?”

Why, because he speaks out about police violence?

Courtesy of Politico

Trump’s insult accompanied a re-posted message from Sharpton, in which the reverend tweeted a picture of himself on what appeared to be an airport escalator and wrote: “Arrived in DC from Atlanta, headed to Baltimore. Long day but can’t stop.”

Beginning Saturday, Trump has unloaded a steady torrent of vitriolic tweets targeting Cummings and Baltimore, which is partly included in the lawmaker’s majority-black district. Cummings is the chairman of the powerful House Committee on Oversight and Reform, and is overseeing several investigations into the administration.

Sharpton responded to the president’s broadside in a tweet less than a half-hour after the initial attack, posting a years-old picture of Trump speaking to him, Rev. Jesse Jackson and legendary soul musician James Brown at a convention of Sharpton’s National Action Network.

Trump’s newest tactic is to throw a couple of limpwristed punches in the direction of Bernie Sanders and Nancy Pelosi, but he saves his real vitriol for those who have the audacity to walk around wearing brown skin.

I assume that Trump believes he is fooling people, but we are not fooled. 

And no, we have not been distracted away from talk of impeachment.