Courtesy of Raw Story:

“Obama separated those children,” Trump said. “Those cages that were shown, I think they were very inappropriate. They were built by President Obama’s administration, not by Trump.”

“President Obama had child separation, take a look,” he added. “The press knows it, you know it, we all know it. I’m the one that stopped it.”

He went on to say that without the family separation policy, more people enter the US illegally and treat it “like a picnic” or going to “Disneyland.”

“I was the one that changed it,” Trump said.

OMG! Does that make anybody else’s head hurt as much as it makes my head hurt?

Just so you know this is not the first time that Trump has made a claim similar to this one, and it was debunked back then as well.

Courtesy of November 2018 post by ABC News:

Trump blamed Obama, who never enforced a zero-tolerance policy that has led to the recent mass separation of families.

“Nobody talks about that, but under President Obama, they separated children from the parents,” Trump said.

Trump later returned to this theme, even after being asked an unrelated question about tents.

“President Obama separated children from families, and all I did was take the same law, and then I softened the law, but by softening the law, many people come up that would not have come up if there was separation,” he said.

What is true is that Obama had faced an influx of children both traveling alone and with families as a result of violence in Central America. And at one point, the Obama administration tried housing the families in special detention centers. But after a federal judge in California ruled that the arrangement violated a long-standing agreement barring kids from jail-like settings for extended periods, even with their parents, the government began releasing families into the U.S. pending notification of their next court date.

Some arriving families were separated during the Obama and Bush administrations but most of those cases would have been tied to other serious crimes like drug trafficking. Trump’s policy was different because his administration considered the act of crossing the border illegally enough of a justification to detain the adult and put the child in protective custody.

Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions have derided the Obama-era policy as “catch and release” because there were numerous cases where the migrant wouldn’t appear in court. They have previously said releasing families into the U.S. increased levels of illegal immigration in the U.S., which led to the zero-tolerance policy in the first place. That catch-and-release policy actually pre-dated Obama.

As previously reported the Obama administration temporarily detained immigrant children with their parents until a judge issued a rule declaring it illegal, and which time the Obama Administration changed tactics in order to OBEY THE LAW!

See the difference, Tangerine Hitler?