Remember that Giuliani is not a member of the Justice Department, he is simply Trump’s personal lawyer.

Courtesy of The Daily Beast

Shortly after Giuliani arrived at the White House on Friday, he met with the president and discussed some of the findings from his recent travel to multiple European countries, where the Trump attorney had collected documents and interviews with Ukrainian figures claiming to have dirt on Trump’s political enemies and the Bidens. During their private discussion, the president approved of the work his lawyer had conducted, and told him to keep digging and pushing the narrative on former vice president and 2020 Democratic contender Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden, according to two people with knowledge of the conversation.

One of these sources described Trump as telling Giuliani to “keep at it” and to not let up, even in the face of intense public criticism.

In the West Wing, the president’s enthusiasm puts him at odds with some of his top lieutenants. One senior White House official told The Daily Beast this week that they go out of their way to not be involved with, or read-in on, the ongoing Biden and Ukraine-related work between Trump and Giuliani, out of concern that doing so could potentially drag them into the scandal.

“I do not want my name showing up in a [news] story about what Rudy and the president discuss,” said the official. “I don’t want my text messages with [Giuliani] being all over cable news,” the senior official added, a reference to how Trump’s lawyer had revealed on Fox News private texts between him and former U.S. special envoy to Ukraine Kurt Volker.

When asked on Monday about Giuliani’s investigation and jaunt overseas, the president told reporters at the White House, “He’s a great person who loves our country, and he does this out of love, believe me. He does it out of love.” When asked about the material that Giuliani had shared with Trump, the president simply said, “not too much,” without elaborating.

“Not too much?” 

Then why did we hear at the beginning of the month that Giuliani had “uncovered plenty?”

And if after all of this time Giuliani has failed to uncover anything explosive about the Bidens, doesn’t that sort of prove that there is no there there?

I am just amazed that Trump and Giuliani are continuing to provide evidence of wrongdoing to Congress right in the middle of an impeachment.

What is that definition of insanity again?