Courtesy of The Independent:

Donald Trump has demanded the extradition of Christopher Steele, the British former MI6 officer who compiled the infamous dossier on the president’s ties with Russia.

On Saturday morning, the president tweeted: “This man should be extradited, tried, and thrown into jail. A sick lier [sic] who was paid by Crooked Hillary & the DNC!”

Mr. Trump shared a news report from Wednesday regarding a British court ruling that the former British spy had violated a data privacy law by failing to check information on the President’s Russia connections.

A few minutes later, Mr. Trump wrote: “Bring back Steele!!!”, and retweeted a link to a book on the Russia investigation by Fox News legal and political analyst Gregg Jarrett.

Earlier this week, the UK High Court ordered Mr. Steele to pay damages of $23,000 (£17,900) each to two Russian businessmen that he claimed had made payoffs to Vladimir Putin in the 1990s.

Judge Mark Warby said that Mr. Steele had not take reasonable steps to verify the allegations.

This case does nothing to prove that allegations about Donald Trump in the dossier were false, in fact it has nothing to do with Donald Trump. 

So for him to demand that Steele be extradited based on this ruling makes no sense, and will not happen. 

This is just Trump’s latest attempt to whitewash his numerous crimes and to punish all of those who helped to reveal them to the public. 

Oh, and another thing, the dossier that Steele handed into his employers was only supposed to spark further investigation. 

It was never a finished document, and only saw the light of day because Buzzfeed published it. 

I am not at all sure how this court was able to hold Christopher Steele’s company responsible for accusations that were never fully investigated by Steele or his associates, and which were never supposed to be revealed until more evidence had been obtained.