It looks about right to me.

Courtesy of The Daily Beast

In the early hours Friday, those braving tourist-free Times Square were treated to an arresting sight: a white billboard projecting the words ‘Trump Death Clock’ in big black letters; underneath, a counter in red reading ‘44,809.’ These are the deaths that, according to two of the world’s leading epidemiologists, could have been avoided had the Trump administration acted just one week prior to March 16, when nationwide mitigation measures were first introduced to the public.

“I looked at those numbers and thought, just as the National Debt Clock warns us of the costs of reckless borrowing, we need a National Death Clock—in this case, a Trump Death Clock—to estimate and calculate the costs of reckless pandemic leadership by the president and his team,” says filmmaker Eugene Jarecki, the creator of the clock.

According to Dr. Britta Jewell and Dr. Nicholas Jewell, “an estimated 90 percent of the cumulative deaths in the United States” from the first wave of the COVID-19 epidemic could have been prevented had social-distancing guidelines been put in place on March 2, when the total U.S. death tally was 11, and “the effect would have been substantial had the policies been imposed even one week earlier, on March 9, resulting in approximately a 60 percent reduction in deaths.”

So Jarecki—with the financial backing of a coterie of pals—launched a website,, displaying the tally of preventable COVID-19 deaths in the U.S., and then had it projected onto a billboard in Times Square. While the total estimated American deaths from the novel coronavirus currently stands at 82,885 at time of writing, the Trump Death Clock now reads 49,731.

That was actually what the clock showed yesterday. You can see today’s tally by clicking here

I think that it is obvious to just about every thinking human being that Trump’s debilitating incompetence has cost many many American lives. 

The only real argument that remains is determining exactly how many Americans he has killed.