Dude does not take no for an answer.

Courtesy of Axios

President Trump is considering an executive order to try to move forward with a citizenship question on the 2020 census, top sources tell Jonathan Swan and me.

“We didn’t come this far just to throw in the towel,” said a senior administration official with direct knowledge of the conversations.
Administration lawyers are exploring various legal options.

A senior legal source said: “The administration is considering the appropriateness of an executive order that would address the constitutional need for the citizenship question to be included in the 2020 census.”

But there is considerable skepticism within the administration that an executive order would succeed.

Oh yes, the executive order, Trump’s go-to move when he cannot get his way. 

If this gets rejected by the courts, which is likely will, Trump has a fallback position.

Courtesy of Law and Crime

President Donald Trump is reportedly considering issuing an executive order so that the hotly contested 2020 Census will include a citizenship question. One unnamed source even said that Trump Administration is not ignoring the fact that, even if Trump loses on this issue, Chief Justice John Roberts can be blamed.

Damn, Trump will literally pick a fight with anyone.

Well, anyone who is not a foreign dictator that is.