You know I thought I knew what arrogance looked like, but this is a whole new level of arrogance.

Trump seems to literally believe that Un values his friendship so highly that he would not dare continue to work on his weapons system, even as he is clearly wroking on his weapons system. 

Courtesy of USA Today:

President Donald Trump and his national security advisers have repeatedly declined to criticize North Korea’s latest weapons tests, shrugging them off as small-scale and reiterating their desire to restart negotiations with Kim Jong Un.

That kind of response, some experts warn, is an open invitation for Kim to push the envelope when it comes to additional provocations.

“That’s a free pass given to North Korea, but it goes beyond that,” said Sung-Yon Lee, a Korean Studies professor at Tufts University’s Fletcher School.

“North Korea has routinized, has conditioned, the U.S. to accept these periodic short-range missile tests as a fact of life,” Lee said. And because the Trump administration has not condemned the tests, he said, Kim may ratchet up to intermediate or even long-range missiles.

North Korea has now conducted at least five weapons tests over the last three months, launching several short-range ballistic missiles in May and more in July. North Korea’s state media said its latest test, conducted earlier this week, was a new “large caliber” guided rocket system.

So to be clear, in Trump world Vladimir Putin did not interfere in our election system because he denied doing it, and Kim Jong Un is not working on his nuclear weapons system becuse he promised he wouldn’t. 

And all evidence to the contrary is “fake news.”

Oh, we are so fucked.