Courtesy of Business Insider:

A new ad for President Donald Trump’s reelection campaign used an image of pro-democracy protests in Ukraine from 2014 to show what it called “chaos & violence” in the US.

The ad, published on Tuesday, includes a photo of the president listening to police leaders next to another photo appearing to show a group of protesters attacking a police officer on the ground.

“Public safety vs chaos & violence,” the text underneath the photos says.

However, the image the Trump campaign used is not from the US – or from this year. It was uploaded on Wikimedia Commons, Wikipedia’s public-domain media archive, in 2014 with the label “a police officer attacked by protesters during clashes in Ukraine, Kyiv. Events of February 18, 2014.”

The photographer, Mstyslav Chernov, confirmed to Business Insider that this was his photo from Ukraine in 2014.

“Photography has always been used to manipulate public opinion. And with the rise of social media and the rise of populism, this is happening even more,” he said.

And nobody uses false images and lies to manipulate public opinion more than Donald Trump and his minions. 

It started with his manipulation of photos of the crowds during his inauguration and it continues today. 

Donald Trump is one of those guys who will lie even when it is completely unnecessary to lie, simply because he enjoys doing it.