Apparently, Trump finally realized that their support does not really help him.

Courtesy of The Daily Mail:

Donald Trump’s campaign is facing a mounting security bill from his rallies with a dedicated team employed to remove protesters – and stop his supporters from showing QAnon signs, can disclose.

The cash-strapped campaign has contracted with a Washington D.C.-based agency, which mostly employs veterans, to provide security at the raucous events.

The bill is one example of the unusual spending by the campaign, which has seen it blow $1 billion but still leave him behind in the polls to Joe Biden.

Extensive security bills are unusual for a presidential campaign, particularly of an incumbent president.

In line with decades of tradition, both Trump and Biden are guarded by the Secret Service.

But Trump’s rallies have created new challenges which the Secret Service cannot deal with.

They do not remove protesters unless they are a danger to the president’s physical wellbeing, and they do not police what Trump’s supporters wear or the signs they wave.

In recent weeks, the Trump campaign has banned supporters from wearing clothing or showing signs which suggest support for QAnon, which has to be policed at the outdoor rally sites.

To be fair the private security also removes hecklers and people who get ill, but primarily they seem to be focused on removing people who are clearly batshit crazy and make Trump look bad. 

Which I find funny since it seems apparent to me that most of Trump’s supporters have at least one or two screws loose.

I guess the QAnon signs just draw too much attention to the lunacy to be found at a Trump rally. 

Trump better be careful, if he starts openly rejecting nutjobs who will be left to vote for him?