Well,  we knew they would not take this lying down.

Courtesy of Politico

President Donald Trump’s political operation is launching a multimillion-dollar legal campaign aimed at blocking Democrats from drastically changing voting rules in response to the coronavirus outbreak.

In the past several weeks, the reelection campaign and the Republican National Committee have helped to oversee maneuvering in a handful of battleground states with an eye toward stopping some Democratic efforts to alter voting laws, and to bolster Trump. The mobilization is being closely coordinated with Republicans at the state and local levels.

The Trump campaign and RNC are actively engaged in litigation in Wisconsin, where the parties are at loggerheads over an array of issues including voter identification, and in New Mexico, where the battle involves vote-by-mail. The skirmishing has also spread across key states like Pennsylvania and Georgia, where the well-organized Trump apparatus has fought over changes that could sway the outcome of the election.

The enterprise — which includes more than two dozen GOP officials, including lawyers dedicated entirely to litigation — shows how completely the pandemic has upended the 2020 election. While litigation over voting issues is not uncommon, the coronavirus — and the likely obstacles it will create for voting in November — has brought the issue to the forefront of the campaign.

The public health crisis is already injecting a huge X-factor into the election, with impossible-to-predict effects on voter turnout, and officials in both parties acknowledge the fights over voting laws could affect the outcome of the election.

My best guess is that by November there will still not be a viable alternative to the mail in ballot proposal. 

I think that a lot of Americans will still be afraid to leave their house, and will be avoiding groups of strangers like the plague, no pun intended. 

This means that getting people out to vote, even to visit drive by voting locations, will fail miserably. 

Trump really does not care if people cannot vote because he knows his base will crawl through broken, Coronavirus infected glass to keep him in office. 

And he would rather kill those people off than risk losing the election because an unprecedented number of people turned out to vote. 

It is also worth mentioning that once these changes are made that Republicans will struggle to win ANY election moving forward if large numbers of people cannot be disenfranchised. 

Which is exactly why they will fight this until their dying breath. 

Oh, I’m sorry, I meant the dying breath of their constituents.