Gee, it’s almost as if Trump were a racist.

Courtesy of Buzzfeed:

President Donald Trump’s campaign has filed for a partial recount in Wisconsin and put up $3 million to pay for it.

Rather than request a statewide recount, Trump’s team filed a petition Wednesday to the Wisconsin Elections Commission to recount votes in Milwaukee and Dane counties — the state’s two most populous and racially diverse counties, which both voted heavily for President-elect Joe Biden.

Biden currently leads Trump by over 20,000 votes in Wisconsin, according to Decision Desk HQ. His lead is too wide to trigger an automatic recount, which occurs if the candidates finish within 0.25% of the total vote. Campaigns can still request a recount but have to pay for it themselves — and only get reimbursed if the election results are reversed. A full statewide recount would have cost nearly $8 million.

Recounts typically only shift 0.001% of ballots cast, according to Charles Seife, author of Proofness: How You’re Being Fooled by the Numbers. Wiping away a lead of 20,000 votes would be unprecedented. Former Republican governor Scott Walker noted on Twitter that a previous statewide recount in Wisconsin only shifted a few hundred votes. “20,000 is a high hurdle,” he tweeted.

Dane County voted 76% for Biden versus 23% for Trump, per the county clerk’s office. Milwaukee County voted 69% for Biden and 29% for Trump, according to its clerk’s office. In total, 803,680 ballots were cast in the presidential race between both counties.

A recount order could be issued as early as Thursday. At that point, the state would have 13 days to conduct it. The results must be reported by noon on Tuesday, Dec. 1, which is also the deadline under Wisconsin law for the election commission to certify the results of the election.

There is no way that this should be allowed.

Trump is targetting areas with large black communities without presenting any evidence of voter fraud. 

And of course, Trump does not want to pay to recount the predominantly white areas that he won because that would probably only cost him more votes. 

In case anybody needed a reminder, this is why you do not put a mentally ill person in a position of power.