Wow, that is so…presidential?

Of course, George Conway has been engaging in a twitter war with Trump for months now. 

The last few from Conway have pointed out that Trump’s mental health seems to be deteriorating. 

Of course, the thing about these tweets from Conway is that they’re not wrong.

We have already seen various articles from psychiatrists pointing out that Trump has a narcissistic personality disorder, and honestly at this point, most of us could access a DSM-5 and diagnose it ourselves. 

After all, we have plenty of data. 

By the way, as you have probably already deduced, the attacks Trump is using against Conway are also based on lies. 

First off he turned down the job in the administration.

And secondly, Trump does indeed know him.

You know those are the kind of lies that a crazy person might resort to. 

See what I did there?