Trump Administration’s war on science is placing all of us in danger.

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It’s not just climate change folks.

Courtesy of The Guardian:

Donald Trump’s administration is cutting programs scientists say are proven to protect Americans, from pollution safeguards to teen pregnancy prevention and healthier school lunches, with effects that could last for years.

Experts who have worked in the federal government under Republicans and Democrats say both have sometimes put politics ahead of science but none have done so as blatantly as Trump. And they warn the consequences could continue long into the future.

“It’s as egregious as I’ve ever seen it, starting from the very top with the president just denying the existence of science, manipulating the system on behalf of special interests,” said the former surgeon general Richard Carmona, who testified to Congress that the George W Bush administration pushed him to weaken or suppress public health findings.

Trump’s high-profile denial of manmade climate change has occasionally overshadowed the many other ways his agencies are contradicting established research.

There are other examples:

The agriculture department last month rolled back standards for schools to serve more whole grains, less salt and non-fat flavored milk. Department officials claimed schools struggled with the programs because students wouldn’t eat healthier foods.

But research found the food changes didn’t deter students from getting lunch and didn’t cause more plate waste. And the healthier food requirements were projected to be effective: one study estimated they could prevent 1.8 million cases of childhood obesity over a decade.

Lack of respect for science also impacts teen pregnancy:

The Trump administration is also cutting short evidence-based grants for teen pregnancy prevention programs, favoring curriculum focused on abstinence instead, despite a large body of research that shows abstinence-only programs don’t work. A 2007 evaluation of four federal abstinence programs found that they had no impact on sexual activity or rates of unprotected sex among teens.

The Trump administration has also erroneously questioned the effectiveness of contraceptives in rules expanding exemptions for employers that don’t want to cover them under insurance plans.

Of course, climate science is ignored completely:

Climate change and environmental science have also been at the forefront of the battle between science and the Trump administration. Power plant and car standards are being rolled back, as are pesticide restrictions and wildlife protections.

The Trump administration has ignored climate scientists’ warnings that rising temperatures and more extreme weather will hurt the US economy and risk lives. The interior department initially sought to remove references to manmade climate change in a report about how sea-level rise might flood national parks.

The EPA typically relies heavily on scientific research. 

Not anymore.

One of the first major decisions by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) was to forego a ban on the pesticide chlorpyrifos, which is associated with developmental delays and health problems in children and has sickened farm workers. Judges ordered the EPA to bar the substance, citing the science that shows it is dangerous. The agency is appealing the case.

Agency officials have also made fundamental changes to how the federal government weighs environmental and health research.

The former EPA administrator Scott Pruitt barred scientists working with EPA grants from serving on the science advisory panels that help shape policies. Instead, industries and states now have more sway over those boards.

There is a good chance that this administration will do so much damage before they are chased out of office that it will take decades to repair what they have done.

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  1. anon January 18, 2019 at 8:08 am
    • Beaglemom January 18, 2019 at 9:37 am

      I think that’s becoming more of a likelihood as each day goes by! I know I’m not alone in feeling more anxious and more worried about the future ever since the Russians handed Trump the presidency. And, I also feel guilty to some extent for whatever hand my generation has had in allowing a generation of Americans become so selfish, so greedy, so poorly educated that they simply don’t care about their country, the world they live in, or their own families’ futures. How could anyone in the Senate have voted to place a coal lobbyist at the helm of the EPA? I know the Republicans hated President Obama but allowing all of these protections, some of which go back decades, to be ended simply out of spite? it’s positively insane. I remember when rivers were on fire because of pollution and when Lake Erie was deemed to be completely lost. Over the decades since then we’ve clawed our way to cleaner air and purer fresh water and now it’s all going to disappear. And, with the additional damage being done by climate change (left totally unabated), things will be much worse than they were in the 1950’s much faster.

  2. Anonymous January 18, 2019 at 11:53 am

    Read carl sagans demon haunted world and he had it spot on. Now reading al gores assault on reasoning. That book basically speaks of how we got here. Perhaps afyer all the damage is done, future people will be a little more smarter. I am not counting on any of that now. Neither is putin. Gotta get im while they are dumb and dependant. Even the republican party are missing smarts that is wht they run government with a gang mentality.

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