First they burn the Amazon rain forest, and now this. 

Why does Donald Trump hate the earth so much?

Courtesy of Newsweek:

The Trump administration is looking to remove a 20-year-old set of logging restrictions covering the Tongass National Forest in Alaska, according to reports.

Tongass—located in the southeast of the state—is the largest national forest in the United States encompassing 16.7 million acres.

In 2001, the Clinton administration introduced the so-called “Roadless Rule” which put limitations on logging and road construction across the country. But The Washington Post reported that President Donald Trump has directed Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue to lift these restrictions at Tongass so that the forest is exempt from these rules, citing three sources who were briefed privately on the issue.

The latest moves could potentially open up more than half of Tongass—the world’s largest intact temperate rain forest—to logging, mining and energy projects, environmental groups warn.

“[This] is another example of the administration’s penchant for selling out our nation’s public land legacy for the private gain of a limited few,” Patrick Lavin, Alaska Policy Advisor for non-profit, Defenders of Wildlife, told Newsweek.

The fate of the forest has long been uncertain. For the past two decades, the logging industry and its friends in Congress have been keen to exploit the forest’s vast natural resources. However, there has been significant opposition from environmental groups, local Native communities and some politicians.

I swear that Alaska is like the hot sorority girl at the frat party where all of the bros are trying to find some way to get her alone so that they can rape the shit out of her. 

Personally I am tired of assholes coming up here and plundering our natural resources. 

Besides we need these giant forests to remain intact so that we can all continue to beath oxygen. 

That just seems a little more important to me than simply making money.