Just when you thought we could not be any more heartless.

Courtesy of The Independent

The Trump administration is reportedly set to announce a rule change which would allow the government to hold migrant families in detention camps indefinitely.

Currently, children crossing illegally into the US from Mexico can generally be held for a maximum of 20 days, a limit Donald Trump has blamed for encouraging undocumented families to arrive at the border.

Under the new rule, which would likely require court approval, the Department for Homeland Security (DHS) could hold children in detention for the entirety of their immigration proceedings, which can take months or even years.

The move could be made public on Wednesday, according to ABC News, which spoke to government officials on condition of anonymity.

The plan appears similar to a DHS proposal last year that would have scrapped some of the restrictions in a 1997 court settlement known as the Flores Settlement Agreement, which established among other things how long detained children can be held.

The proposal, which was not enacted at the time due to a surge of migrants arriving at the border, argued the government could terminate some of the restrictions, including the 20-day limit, if it could establish its own regulations.

I am unable to fathom what the long term goal is

The daily cost per detainee is $775.00, a cost which is being paid with taxpayer dollars. 

It does not take a math whiz to recognize how quickly that can add up to millions and even billions of dollars if we keep adding new immigrants and never releasing those already in custody. 

You might think that even Trump supporters who do not give a shit about the health and well being of the immigrants might care about the obscene amount of taxpayer money it takes to house and feed them. 

For the rest of us, well we are just horrified across the board at virtually everything this administration does.