So now Trump is trying to fuck up our state some more?

Leave us alone asshole!

Courtesy of CBS News:

Hunters in Alaska will soon be allowed to use bacon grease and doughnuts to bait brown bears, spotlights to shoot hibernating mother bears and cubs in their dens and motorboats to shoot swimming caribou — thanks to a reversal of Obama-era guidelines by the Trump administration this week.

Effective July 9, hunting on nature preserves in Alaska will once again be controlled by the state rather than the federal government. The new rule, published Tuesday in the Federal Register, reverses hunting bans put in place in all National Parks by the Obama administration in 2015 following years of pleading by environmental and wildlife protection groups.

The rules, which many see as cruel and unnecessary, allow baiting of brown and black bears with human food, hunting of bears in their dens using artificial light, killing of wolves and coyotes in their dens during the season when mothers wean their young, using dogs to hunt bears and hunting of swimming caribou from boats. These actions were banned by Obama federally despite being permitted by the state of Alaska.

The Trump administration has been working to reverse the ban for years, stemming from 2017 orders to expand recreational activities on public lands from former Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke. The president’s son, Donald Trump Jr., is an avid trophy hunter and has long championed the expansion of hunting rights on federally protected lands.

Lawmakers and native tribes in Alaska praised the law change, saying it puts the power back in the hands of the state.

Yeah look, I have lived here for sixty years, the last people you want to hand power to are the people running this state right now. 

And look I am totally fine with people hunting to put food on their table.

I’m an Alaskan, I get it. 

But dragging babies out of their den to put a bullet in them is not hunting, that is murder. 

And fuck anybody who would do that or try to justify that.