Is there nothing Trump is planning to leave undamaged?

Courtesy of NBC News

President Donald Trump has taken historically unprecedented action to roll back a slew of environmental regulations that protect air, water, land and public health from climate change and fossil fuel pollution.

The administration has targeted about 85 environmental rules, according to Harvard Law School’s rollback tracker.

Existing environment regulations are meant to curb greenhouse gas emissions, protect land and animals from oil and gas drilling and development, as well as limit pollution and toxic waste runoff into the country’s water. The administration views many of them as onerous to fossil fuel companies and other major industries.

However, the consequences of eliminating these regulations include more premature deaths from pollutants and higher levels of climate change-inducing greenhouse gas emissions, according to research from the NYU Law School.

So here is the question for 2020.

Can we end Trump’s illegitimate presidency before he ends our planet?

And the clock has already started ticking.