Once again this does not affect Americans who are traveling back from these countries. 

Courtesy of BBC:

The US is to extend its European coronavirus travel ban to include the UK and Republic of Ireland.

The ban will begin at midnight EST on Monday (04:00 GMT Tuesday), Vice-President Mike Pence announced.

President Trump’s travel ban on 26 European countries – members of the Schengen free movement zone – came into force on Saturday.

Once again keep in mind that these bans are only going to have a minor effect on the spread of the virus because we already have almost 3,000 cases that we know of, so the main focus should be on keeping it from spreading. 

And toward that end we have people taking very serious precautions.

Courtesy of CNN:

First, many religious leaders modified their rituals, hoping to contain the spread of coronavirus. Now, some are taking more drastic measures by canceling worship services, closing religious schools and shuttering holy sites.

Like sports leagues, museums and other cultural institutions, millions of churches and mosques, synagogues and sanghas, temples and gurdwaras are temporarily closing to guard against spreading the virus.

For many spiritual leaders, the decision to shut their doors is difficult. Religious rituals are meant to be enacted, soul and body, traditionally alongside other believers.

But the present dangers of the deadly virus are too great to ignore, many religious groups have decided, leading to a cascade of cancellations worldwide in the last 48 hours.

Globally, more than 100,000 people have contracted Covid-19, according World Health Organization. Several governors in the United States have banned gatherings larger than 250 people as a result.

Once again this seems like a rather obvious choice but I still applaud the religious organizations for making it.

However much of the damage may have alredy been done. 

Courtesy of The Hill:

A medical professor at Johns Hopkins University urged Americans not to believe low numbers of confirmed coronavirus cases in the United States, warning the actual number of people walking around with the virus could be “between 50,000 and half a million.”

Dr. Marty Makary told Yahoo Finance’s “On the Move” on Friday that he believes the number of coronavirus cases is much higher than the 1,600 confirmed cases and 41 deaths that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has reported.

“Don’t believe the numbers when you see, even on our Johns Hopkins website, that 1,600 Americans have the virus,” Makary said. “No, that means 1,600 got the test, tested positive. There are probably 25 to 50 people who have the virus for every one person who is confirmed.”

The professor noted that American hospitals will be overwhelmed by the massive influx of people, saying most intensive care units are already operating near full capacity.

“We only have 100,000 ICU beds in the United States. We could see 200,000 new patients that need critical care up to 2 million,” he said.

I know that seems terrifying, but your response should not be one of terror because that is not helpful, but it should knock us out of our complacency and give us a sense of purpose. 

The best advice I have heard so far is that we should not think about keeping ourselves safe from the Coronavirus, but instead to act as if we already have it and are trying to protect others from being infected. 

That means serious social distancing, handwashing, and keeping our homes as clean and as germ free as possible.