White privilege has nothing on “Palin privilege.”

Courtesy of ADN:

The oldest son of Alaska’s former Gov. Sarah Palin has won a postponement on serving a year in custody in an assault case after his lawyer said a bed at a treatment hospital for veterans became available.

Track Palin was supposed to turn himself in to an Anchorage halfway house Wednesday after a judge recently decided new assault allegations disqualified him from a court program intended to rehabilitate veterans and said he would have to serve time instead.

Anchorage District Judge David Wallace approved a motion by Palin’s attorney Friday seeking to allow the 29-year-old to begin serving his sentence Dec. 5. Wallace was appointed to the bench by Palin’s mother when she was the governor.

Palin, an Army veteran who served a year in Iraq, has been accused of three attacks on people close to him over the past few years.

In the most recent allegations, Palin was arrested in September after a female acquaintance said he hit her in the head. That came less than a year after he was arrested in an attack on his father.

In court documents, attorney Patrick Bergt said he recently heard from the Chris Kyle Patriots Hospital in Anchorage, which treats addiction and PTSD, that a bed was available for Palin, beginning Monday. The treatment would last no more than 30 days and would “benefit Mr. Palin significantly,” Bergt wrote in his motion.

I think it is interesting that even though the ADN is now owned by a very conservative family, that they still felt the need to point out that the judge who okayed this motion was appointed by Track’s mommy.  

I think even they are sick of this thug’s bullshit. 

It should also be noted that this treatment does not take the place of jail time, but is instead taking place before he heads off to the clink. 

At this point, I don’t have a lot of hope in its success unless his parents stop providing him with a soft place to land every time he stumbles. 

More than anything Track Palin needs to hit real bottom,  recognize how much he once had, and want desperately to get back to that without using alcohol or drugs to self-medicate away his insecurities and pain.

At this point Track, Palin has proven himself to be a danger to himself and to those around him.

If something does not change dramatically, it is very likely that next time the police are called there will be a body.