Yeah, who wants to raise a kid whose last name is “Palin?”

Courtesy of The Daily Mail

The ex-girlfriend of Sarah Palin’s son Track is asking a judge to change their son’s name because he has no contact with their child, or her, due to ‘many previous domestic violence events’, according to court papers seen exclusively by

Jordan Loewe, 27, filed a petition on December 23, 2019, asking the Superior Court in Alaska to approve changing her son’s last name from Charlie Mitchell Palin to Charlie Mitchell Kramer.

Loewe wrote that her 30-year-old ex-partner’s consent was not necessary because of ‘many previous DV [domestic violence] events – no contact with Track from me nor Charlie’.

Palin was charged with assault and possessing a weapon while intoxicated in January 2016 after attacking Loewe and threatening to shoot himself with his mother’s pink-camo AR-15 rifle at the politician’s Wasilla home.

He was arrested again in September 2018 for allegedly hitting Loewe and preventing her from leaving his home when she tried to drop of their son for a visit.

It has been a long dry spell without any Palin news, but leave it to Track to bring the family right back into the limelight. 

Children born out of wedlock, extramarital affairs, domestic violence, boy the Palin family sure are a great examples of traditional family values. 

Well, Wasilla traditional family values anyway.