Well at least until he kills one of them in a drunken rage that is. 

Just look at the photo, the very definition of dysfunctional. 

Courtesy of The Daily Mail:

Sarah Palin had reason to give thanks over the holiday as all of her children were together under one roof.

Photos posted by the former governor on Instagram show her and husband Todd with youngest son Trig, daughters Piper, Willow and Bristol, and their oldest child, Track.

It marked the first time Track has been seen with the entire family since he was arrested for breaking into his parents’ home and assaulting Todd just before Christmas.

That case has been closed after Track entered a guilty plea to select charges, and it seems that Track’s siblings and parents have all put the incident behind them, despite filing restraining orders against the 29-year-old veteran last year.

Since that time Track was arrested for assaulting his ex and was ordered to report to a halfway house ahead of his trial in that case.

That was delayed however when a bed became available at a local veterans hospital in the state, and he has been there now for close to a month.

What a family. You break down the door to your parent’s house, pistol whip your father, beat the holy shit out of fiancee, get arrested the night before your sister’s wedding, and yet you still get to pose for a picture to show the world that everything’s fine and there is nothing to see here.

Except we know what is coming, just like we knew that what happened last year, last month and the years and months before that were definitely going to happen before they actually did. 

Track did not get clean and sober after his out of control behaviors got him sent off to the military.

He did not get clean and sober after it cost him his first marriage.

He did not get clean and sober after he and his family made national news for starting fights at a birthday party in Anchorage.

He did not get clean and sober after being arrested for beating up his pregnant fiancee and threatening her with a gun.

He did not get clean and sober after breaking into his parent’s house and beating his father.

So why would we think that he is now clean and sober? 

Yes, this is a snapshot. 

And the thing is that snapshots capture a moment in time.

But they do not capture the reality of what is actually happening outside of that moment. 

And I would be willing to bet that Track is working up to doing something terrible once again. 

I just hope that the next snapshot we see does not have an empty spot where the victim of that something terrible once stood.