That seems like a worthwhile goal.

Courtesy of Newsweek:

A top Florida Republican lobbyist and consultant said he retired so he could oppose what the GOP “has become” under President Donald Trump.

John McKager Stipanovich, the former chief of staff to ex-Governor Bob Martinez, said in a Florida Politics op-ed that his law firm did not want him “tearing into Trump” and congressional Republicans, so he believed it best to retire.

The Florida state executive director of Ronald Reagan’s 1984 reelection campaign also said he did not “have a vision of a post-Trump era” for the Republican Party anymore, but added that he knew “[Trump’s] got to go.”

Stipanovich left his position at the lobbying firm Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney in December, the Tampa Bay Times reported, noting that he was an advisor to ex-Secretary of State Katherine Harris amid the famous 2000 presidential vote recount in the state.

Writing for Florida Politics, Stipanovich said he was a never-Trumper “from the moment he descended from on high on his golden escalator,” referring to the president’s 2016 campaign announcement.

“And I do consider him to be an existential threat to American democracy,” Stipanovich wrote. “He attacks the very concept of truth. The idea that there’s no truth, that we have no shared epistemological framework as a people — that there are literally at least two entirely different realities where we can’t even describe what happened and understand each other when we speak even though we speak the same language — is very dangerous, very dangerous.”

The list of Republicans are as disgusted with Donald Trump as the Democrats seems to be growing.  

Now if only we can convince the ones in Washington to turn on him we could get bring his insane regime to a close before anybody else gets hurt, or any other wars get started.