Well, that seems harsh.

Courtesy of The Independent

An influential evangelical Christian magazine has published an article claiming Democratic frontrunner Pete Buttigieg is “deserving of death” because he is openly gay.

In an article published by Charisma News, a website associated with the magazine Charisma, which was founded in1975, writer Bert Farias denounced the way people were celebrating the fact Mr Buttigieg was the first openly gay person seeking the presidential nomination for a major party.

He said, such celebrations marked the “death rattle of a nation”.

“God created male and female with sexual union between the two being first for procreation; anything outside that is merely behaviour,” wrote Mr Farias, who claims to head the Holy Fire Ministries in Boston.

He added: ”The constant compromising of preachers to avoid controversy is creating much damage—not only to the world, which is looking for a clear sound from preachers, but also to believers who have little discernment or are growing tired of ambiguity.”

After claiming the former mayor of South Bend “worshipped Satan” because of his sexuality, he added: “In fact, when those who practice such things that are “deserving of death” also approve of others who practice them (Rom. 1:32), it is one of God’s final signs of His wrath on a society.

Why is it whenever anybody engages in a lifestyle that offends these puritanical idiots that they immediately suggest that it’s linked to Satan? 

I mean I know why, it is because they are morons who only see things in black and white, good and evil, and believe that anybody who does not think exactly as they do must be influenced by evil paranormal forces. 

Of course whenever I hear somebody saying crap like this the image that immediately pops into my head is this one:

It seems to me that just like Barack Obama brought the racists out of hiding to openly attack him, Pete Buttigieg is having that same effect on the homophobes.