Courtesy of The Daily Beast:

House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler (D-N.Y.) said on Friday that his committee was “in effect” conducting an impeachment inquiry, even as he shied away from using that exact phrase.

“The committee is exercising its authority to investigate all of these scandals and to decide what to do about them, which could include articles of impeachment,” said Nadler at a press conference. “Whether you call that an inquiry, or whatever you want to call that, that’s what we’ve been doing, and are doing, and will continue to do.”

The appearance of Nadler and members of his committee was intended to amplify Democratic talking points after Robert Mueller’s testimony and to outline their next investigative steps. But that was overshadowed by questions over the prospects of impeachment. In addressing those questions, Democrats were as clear as they have been to date that the very purpose of their current oversight efforts was to determine whether to launch impeachment proceedings.

Since Mueller’s testimony on Wednesday, six Democrats have come out in favor of impeachment, including Rep. Katherine Clark (D-MA), the highest-ranking member of party leadership to do so. Currently, an estimated 100 members of the House back impeachment, and those who do have grown increasingly vocal that Democrats have to make a decision soon about whether proceedings will happen or not.

While Nadler hedged a little bit another top Democrat just came right out and admitted what was happening: 

“I’d say we are in an impeachment investigation,” said Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD). “As to the result of the investigation, it could lead to articles of impeachment, or it could lead to something else.”

Even Nancy Pelosi seems to be coming to terms with the fact that Democrats are soon going to have no choice but to launch an official impeachment inquiry, but until that day it appears we will have to be satisfied with the quieter more subdued impeachment investigation that is already taking place.