Wait, he trusted one of Track’s friends?

Courtesy of The Blast

Todd Palin thinks he fell hook, line and sinker for a scam that cheated him out of thousands of dollars in fishing profits, and he believes one of his son’s best friends is responsible.

According to documents obtained by The Blast, Sarah Palin‘s husband filed a lawsuit in Alaska against Kaleb Westfall, who is a good friend of Track Palin.

The lawsuit claims in 2014, Todd transferred his Alaska commercial fishing permit to Westfall and the two entered into a verbal purchase and sales agreement.

Todd claims Westfall agreed to pay him 60% of any gross earnings related to fish caught while using Todd’s permit and, in return, he agreed to supply Westfall with nets, boats, vehicles and other gear needed to operate their fishing business. Todd also agreed to front the money for the crew members’ wages and living costs.

The father of “Teen Mom” star, Bristol Palin, says everything was fine with the agreement, until 2017 when he claims Westfall was paid a large bonus and failed to hand over the agreed upon 60%.

He also says Westfall made it clear he has “no intention of honoring the terms of the purchase and sales agreement,” and indicated he would not be making any further payments.

Westfall agreed to transfer the commercial fishing permit back to Todd, but he claims Westfall tried to cancel the transfer and duplicate the permit card.

You know I would think that there are fare more dependable people that Todd could have transferred his commercial fishing license to instead of one of Track’s drinking and drugging buddies. 

But then again perhaps Todd could not find anyone more reliable to agree to do all of the hard work of commercial fishing and hand him 60% of the profits while he sits at home on his ass.

I mean you would think at the very least if you are taking all of the risks and doing all of the work that you would walk away with at a minimum 50% of the profits. 

You know there are these long quiet times when I think perhaps this family will just completely fade back into the Wasilla woods and disappear forever, but I don’t think that will really ever happen. 

They are just too fucked up not to turn up in the news at least sporadically. 

Relatively speaking this one was rather minor, but I certainly do not think that will always be the case.