Well, this is sweet.

Courtesy of The Daily Mail:

Sarah Palin and her estranged husband Todd put on a united front on Monday night as they came together to celebrate the birth of their daughter Willow’s newborn twin girls.

The former Alaska governor, 55, shared a sweet photo of the couple each cradling one of their grandchildren, who she revealed have been named Banks and Blaise.

Willow’s joyful new arrivals were born just two months after it was revealed that Todd, 55, had filed for divorce from his wife of 31 years – who admitted that she felt as though she had been ‘shot’ when she learned that he was leaving her.

However, on Monday night, the couple put their differences aside in order to celebrate the birth of their fifth and sixth grandchildren.

Others who showed up at the hospital included Trig, Sarah’s parents, and Piper. 

Bristol was not present.

I saw Willow’s Instagram post from Saturday so it was pretty obvious that she was about to give birth or possibly explode. 

I personally love babies and have no desire to say anything critcal about this wonderful event. 

Willow has always been my favorite Palin, and I wish her, and her new family, well.