So we murder people who we have a political disagreement with now?

What am I saying? When has that not been the case?

Courtesy of TPM:

Three members of neo-Nazi group “The Base” were arrested Wednesday on murder conspiracy charges, bringing the total number of the group’s members arrested to six this week alone.

In total, the arrests of the six men — three from Georgia, two from Maryland, and one from Canada — mark a broad-based law enforcement response to a group that has largely operated anonymously as its membership has grown in recent months.

Luke Austin Lane, Jacob Kaderli, and Michael John Helterband were arrested on Wednesday on charges of conspiracy to commit murder and participation in a criminal gang, the Georgia newspaper Rome News Tribune first reported Thursday night. It wasn’t clear Friday whether the men had legal representation.

According to an affidavit provided to TPM by the Floyd County Police Department, all three men were members of The Base.

The affidavit narrates how an FBI agent went undercover and participated in the vetting process for the group, gaining information on its membership and training regimen, which included “retreating under fire” drills and moving-and-shooting drills.

The Base is an “accelerationist” organization that seeks to prepare members for race war, and has seen its footprint grow in recent months as it tries to become an international neo-Nazi network.

The arrests added to three others that took place Thursday, as a trio of The Base members were reportedly planning to travel to a January 20 pro-gun rally in Richmond, Virginia.

First off let me take Virginia off of my places to visit before I die list. 

Secondly just how many of these lunatic white supremacist groups are there now?

I had never even heard of this group “The Base” until a few days ago and they have already had six members arrested. 

That makes me worry that there might be literally dozens or even hundreds of these groups that we do not yet know even exist that are plotting violence against counter-protesters or even just progressives in this country. 

And yes I think we can count this as one of Donald Trump’s lingering legacies.