Yes, this is a real photo.

In fact, it was actually put out by the White House.


And that is important to note because Trump is now claiming it was photoshopped.

Maybe he just means that it was rendered in black and white in that tweet, as if the color version was any more flattering. 

But it is more likely that he is simply lying again. 

I’m not sure why he bothers because we are now so far into the “Emporer has no clothes and nobody cares territory,” that showing Donald Trump looking as if he is wearing a Trump mask is no longer any big deal.

He mocked a man with special needs and his supporters did not care.

He attacked a child for trying to save the planet and his supporters did not hesitate to join right in. 

He boarded Air Force One with toilet paper hanging off of his shoe and his fans did not question his intelligence. 

So yes, he can look as if he painted on his face with a trowel, and it will make no difference. 

Barack Obama once wore a tan suit and the media literally questioned his ability to run the country. 

But that was when we were still living in a democracy where criticism, even ridiculous criticism, was the norm.

Now, now we are living in what feels like a monarchy lorded over by a lunatic. 

Hopefully that is only what it feels like, and not what it has actually become. 

I guess we’ll know in November.