When the rats start to flee you know the ship is taking on water.

Courtesy of Politico:

At least 27 political appointees have exited the embattled Health and Human Services department since the start of the Covid-19 crisis in February, according to a POLITICO review, and senior leaders are bracing for dozens more officials to depart swiftly if President Donald Trump loses re-election.

Such a wave of departures would leave only a shell staff shepherding the department through a uniquely challenging winter of coronavirus outbreaks and drug and vaccine authorizations until Inauguration Day on Jan. 20, according to interviews with 17 current and former HHS officials, some of whom requested anonymity to discuss the sensitive issue.

“There will be a mass exodus should the election go the other way” against Trump, predicted a senior department official, warning that some of the 100-plus political appointees who remain at the health department are preparing to compete for a dwindling pool of jobs across Washington.

“I’ve personally seen people working on their resumes inside the office,” the senior official added. “It’s no secret.”

While there are typically a slew of political departures in the run-up to an election, this year’s HHS defections have been unusually prominent and have touched every corner of a health department that’s been barraged by pandemic-linked pressures. Among the exits since the summer: the Centers for Disease Control’s chief of staff, deputy chief of staff and a senior counselor to CDC Director Robert Redfield; the Food and Drug Administration’s top policy official, its top legislative official, top communications official and a senior adviser to FDA Commissioner Stephen Hahn; and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services’ chief of staff and top communications officer.

The White House liaison’s office, which oversees the hiring of political appointees at the health department, itself has turned over — twice — since February.

I would suggest that this is a terrible thing to have to happen during a pandemic, but I am not at all sure that these people were helping much anyhow. 

The entire Trump Administration has seemed completely out of their depth since the minute the Coronavirus landed on our shores, so maybe these losers opening up space for the Biden team early might be a good thing.