That’s gonna hurt.

Courtesy of Politico

Bernie Sanders is outpacing Elizabeth Warren in polls across the Super Tuesday map. But one state stings more than the others: Massachusetts.

Warren is at risk of losing her home state, the latest indignity in her long slide in the polls in her own backyard. As recently as October, the two-term senator held a 20-percentage point lead over Sanders, according to a WBUR poll. In the latest version of the poll, released Friday, she trailed him by 8 points

Now, in the run-up to the March 3 primary, Sanders is going all in on his bid to pick off Massachusetts, culminating in a four-day music and canvassing festival in Worcester that begins Friday.

“The trajectory for both Warren and Sanders follows national trends. October was the peak for Warren nationally as well, while Sanders is gaining everywhere lately. Looking inside the numbers, it’s young voters who are strong for Sanders in a really unique way. We saw that also in the Iowa and New Hampshire results, where nearly half the voters under age 30 were for Sanders in each state. So I don’t think this is unique to Massachusetts,” said Steve Koczela, president of the MassINC Polling Group, which conducted the polls.

“Certainly it will be interpreted differently here because Massachusetts is Sen. Warren’s home state. But the underlying dynamics are the same as what we’ve seen in polls and results elsewhere in recent weeks,” Koczela added.

In response to Bernie’s increased poll numbers Warren has taken off the kid gloves.

However, that will likely not do much to slow Sanders down, which leaves Warren with an unfortunate choice. 

Does she stay in the race and suffer defeat at the hands of her good friend, knowing that it will be used agaisnt her in campaigns to come?

Or does she save herself the indignity and drop out before Super Tuesday?

I actually do not have any good advice to provide on this.

If it were me I would want to fight until the end, but then again I am a sucker for lost causes.