Those mail-in-ballots are starting to look better and better every day. 

Courtesy of WUWM:

Forty people in Milwaukee County may have become infected with the coronavirus as a result of participating in Wisconsin elections on April 7.

Milwaukee Health Commissioner Jeanette Kowalik says data is still being analyzed to show the connection between more people that may have contracted COVID-19 due to election activities, like being a poll worker or voting in person, earlier this month. Kowalik hopes the data will be finalized by May 1.

Wisconsin’s April 7 elections consisted of local races and the presidential primary. Approximately 400,000 people voted in person.

You may remember that I posted a few days ago that there were definitely 7 new cases linked directly to the election (Link) so this is a significant uptick. 

As of this post, Wisconsin has 5,356 cases overall with 262 fatalities. 

So yeah, we need to be pushing hard for those mail-in-ballots or else that second wave at the end of the year is going to be massive.