This is going to be good.

Courtesy of NYT:

Both candidates have been preparing carefully. Mr. Pence went to Salt Lake City with two core players in his debate prep: Marc Short, his chief of staff, and the former Wisconsin governor Scott Walker, who played Ms. Harris in several formal 90-minute debate prep sessions that were held with the answers timed. (Aides said that Mr. Pence likes to prepare with people he feels comfortable with, and so they chose Mr. Walker — who had helped him prepare for his debate four years ago — rather than someone who was trying to look or sound like his opponent.)

At Ms. Harris’s mock debate sessions, Mr. Pence was played by Pete Buttigieg, the former mayor of South Bend, Ind., who ran in the Democratic presidential primary. Mr. Buttigieg was selected, aides said, for his debating skills and also because of his knowledge of Mr. Pence’s record as governor in their shared home state, Indiana.

The plexiglass barriers are in place and the candidates are ready, so let’s do this thing because Trump is getting crazier all of the time.

This was him earlier today.

Do you hear the slurred speech?

“A blessing from God?”

He is not well and he needs to be replaced as the leader of our country. 

Yeah, what she said.

As usual, I will update this post as new information becomes available. 

Update: Hear, hear!

I agree 100%.

Update 2: Pence has lied all through this debate. This was one of them. 

He is just as dishonest as his boss, he just does it at a lower volume. 

Update 3: My favorite part of the debate. 

I think Mike Pence might be dead. 

Or perhaps he is just sick.