Well gee, it certainly is a good thing that nobody is trying to hinder our ability to vote in this upcoming election. 

Courtesy of TPM:

The U.S. Postal Service enacted a rule this summer banning its clerks from signing mail-in ballots as witnesses while on duty, a restriction that can prevent the ballots from being counted.

The Anchorage Daily News reported on Tuesday that Alaska Division of Elections Director Gail Fenumiai had sent the USPS a letter last Thursday seeking an explanation for complaints that postal workers in her state had been telling voters they were not allowed to sign the ballots.

“This came as surprise to the state because we know in past elections postal officials have served as witnesses,” Fenumiai wrote. “Rural Alaska relies heavily on postal officials as they are often sometimes the only option for a witness.”

In fact, Alaska’s instructions on sending in ballots state that a postal worker counts as an “authorized official” who can sign on as a voter’s witnesses.

Per the Anchorage Daily News, USPS Principal Product Management Specialist Daniel Bentley sent the Alaska official a reply confirming the new restriction.

“Postal Employees are prohibited from serving as witnesses in their official capacity while on duty, due in part to the potential operational impacts,” Bentley wrote. “The Postal Service does not prohibit an employee from serving as a witness in their personal capacity off-duty, if they so choose.”

Alaska is one of several states that require people who vote by mail to have their ballots signed by a witness, otherwise the ballot will not be considered valid. Virginia, a key swing state, has the same requirement, though a judge ruled in May that the policy may be waived for Virginians concerned for their safety amid COVID-19.

This witness signature bullshit has already pissed me off. 

I had to get my daughter to sign on my ballot for the primary despite the fact that we are all social distancing right now. 

Why in the hell would you make it a rule that you have to have a witness signature in the middle of a fucking pandemic?

And now with his new rule, it will only make it even harder to do something that should only take a few minutes tops. 

You know, it is almost as if somebody wanted to make it almost impossible to vote by mail.