You have got to be kidding me. 

Courtesy of NZ Herald:

The US Government has warned its citizens to be very cautious about travelling to New Zealand because of our “23 active cases” of Covid-19.

Despite the US recording more than 2 million cases and 160,000 deaths, the government is advising against travelling to New Zealand.

According to the US government’s travel advice website, it called for increased caution when travelling here.

It places New Zealand at Level 2 on its travel advisory system, which asks its citizens to “exercise increased caution in New Zealand due to Covid-19”.

“As of August 7, 2020, New Zealand has had 1569 confirmed and probable cases of Covid-19 within its borders. Currently, there are 23 active cases in New Zealand,” the post states.

The website, however, doesn’t explain all 23 active cases are in managed isolation.

However, New Zealanders need not worry about Americans entering the country given only New Zealand citizens or residents with valid travel conditions can currently enter.

The New Zealand Government’s safe travel website says New Zealanders shouldn’t travel to the US, and advises that New Zealanders “do not travel overseas at this time” because of Covid-19.

This almost sounds as if the US government is pulling one of those “You can’t break up with me I broke up with you first” moves.

To put this into perspective America currently has over 2 million active cases and many of our individual states have had more than ten times the overall cases than New Zealand has ever had to deal with. 

Personally I think that if New Zealand were taking in refugees that it would see a line of Americans that damn near encircled the planet.