There is some chance this guy might be a fucking lunatic. 

Courtesy of CBS News:

The U.S. Ambassador to Iceland wanted to carry a gun.

Despite being assigned to one of the safest countries in the world, Jeffrey Ross Gunter has been “paranoid” about his security since coming to Reykjavik last year, according to a dozen diplomats, government officials, former officials and individuals familiar with the situation. As a result, Gunter wanted the State Department to obtain special permission from the Icelandic government for him to have a firearm. They say he also wanted door-to-door armored car service, and entertained the idea of wearing a “stab-proof vest.”

The State Department declined to say if there is any credible threat to Gunter’s safety, but U.S. government officials told CBS News the ambassador has been informed multiple times that he is at no extraordinary risk. Regardless, the embassy recently placed a jobs listing in Icelandic newspapers looking for local, full-time “bodyguards.” Those same officials said they believe security is being augmented to placate Gunter’s “irrational” concerns.

From what I have read this Gunter guy is essentially a nutjob.

He has yelled at staff for keeping snow boots under their desk, does not seem to get along with anyone, and believes he is being undermined by those working for the “deep state.”

In other words, he is the perfect candidate to represent Donald Trump in Iceland. 

And I was not kidding about Iceland being the safest country, it has been given that honor ten years in a row now. 

However, I must say that if they actually give this idiot a gun he might knock them down a few spaces all by himself.