Courtesy of The Hill:

The white couple from St. Louis who waved guns at Black Lives Matter demonstrators in a video that went viral will participate in the Republican National Convention next week.

The Trump campaign on Monday said Mark and Patricia McCloskey would endorse the president for reelection during an appearance in the virtual program. They were previously featured in a Trump campaign virtual event.

The McCloskeys were praised by conservatives after video and photos of their confrontation with protesters outside their home went viral last month. They were later charged with felonies for unlawful use of a weapon.

Why do I feel that this couple now perfectly represents what the Republican party has become? 

Impotently waving their firearms at black and brown people representing the changing demographics in America. 

Yeah, that about sums it up.

Update: Here are some of the other folks also scheduled to speak. 

Hey, remember when we used to be able to parody the Republican party?

Yeah, those days are gone, the whole damn party is like an SNL skit on acid.