Well, that’s good to know.

Courtesy of Reuters

Special Counsel Robert Mueller and the team he assembled to investigate U.S. President Donald Trump and his associates have been funded through the end of September 2019, three U.S. officials said on Monday, an indication that the probe has funding to keep it going for months if need be.

The operations and funding of Mueller’s office were not addressed in the budget requests for the next government fiscal year issued by the White House and Justice Department on Monday because Mueller’s office is financed by the U.S. Treasury under special regulations issued by the Justice Department, the officials said.

“The Special Counsel is funded by the Independent Counsel appropriation, a permanent indefinite appropriation established in the Department’s 1988 Appropriations Act,” a Justice Department spokesman said.

Nice to know that Trump cannot sabotage this budget. 

Because if he could we know he would. 

No, if Trump wants this to end before Mueller fully completes his work he will have to try and find another way to make that happen.

But if he does he might find even Nancy Pelosi calling for his impeachment.