Seems to be a day late and a dollar short.

Courtesy of NBC News

The Senate Intelligence Committee released a bipartisan report Thursday on Russian election interference that found the U.S. election infrastructure was unprepared to combat “extensive activity” by Russia that began in 2014 and carried on at least into 2017.

The report was issued just one day after former special counsel Robert Mueller warned U.S. lawmakers that he believes Russia will seek to interfere again in the 2020 campaign and that “many more countries” are also developing similar capabilities.

“In 2016, the U.S. was unprepared at all levels of government for a concerted attack from a determined foreign adversary on our election infrastructure,” Sen. Richard Burr, R-N.C., chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, said in a statement.

The 61-page report — based on interviews with state election officials, Obama administration officials and government and intelligence community officials — is just the first volume of the findings of the committee’s investigation. It includes eight pages of recommendations to shore up the country’s election infrastructure to prevent future interference.

The report found that the Russians took advantage of the nation’s decentralized voting system, “exploiting seams” between federal oversight and state election systems. It also found that election cybersecurity was “sorely lacking” in 2016 and that federal attempts to warn states about potential security breaches “did not provide enough information or go to the appropriate people.”

Election databases weren’t as secure as they should be, according to the report, and aging voting machines with no paper trail were vulnerable.

The Senate Intelligence Committee also confirmed that Russia targeted elections in all 50 states, and gained so much access in Illinois that he could have deleted or changed votes though they claim none were altered. 

Many of the recommendations provided by this report are actions like increasing internet security during elections, buying new machines which have paper printouts of the votes, and providing more aggressive legal deterrents for hackers who attempt to gain access to the systems, which are all things suggested in bills that Mitch McConnell and the Republicans have already blocked or refused to bring to the Senate floor. 

I am glad that the Senate Intelligence Committee has finally weighed in, but if their recommendations are as easily ignored as the recommendations from the Congress, the intelligence agencies, and the Special Counsel it will never do a single thing to protect us in 2020. 

Let’s face it, Donald Trump and his supporters do not want to do a SINGLE thing to interfere in the Russian’s ability to hack our systems because they support Trump and will help the Republicans cheat to keep him in office. 

And that’s a fact.